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We’ve compiled some information below to aid in your decision to move forward on this project.

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We are looking for ONE developer to take on this entire project.

We are looking for a single investor/developer to complete this entire project.  Below, you’ll find some information to help in your decision to move forward.  We intend to keep the frontage and Lot 5 area on the example layout provided here for the purposes of constructing an event center and a single-family residence.  Two Geotechnical Evaluation Reports have been conducted for those purposes, and the reports are available for you to download below.

Also below, you’ll find a Site Traffic Analysis review by the New Mexico Department of Transportation – they concur with the report.  Final access approval pending drainage report.


NOTE:  The property has NOT been sub-divided and is available for you to divide as you wish.  The layout provided below is only an example.

Property Flyover

The video below should give you some perspective on what the property looks like, and where it’s located.

Trade Option

Construct this facility in exchange for sections of the land.

The owner will keep a portion of the land for the purposes of constructing an event center and single-family residence on that land.  The building will consist of a three-story structure (event center and residence) with a total space of approximately 10,000 square feet.  In exchange for constructing this building, we will exchange portions of the land equal to the value of the construction project.

Farmington, NM

Area Information

The Farmington Convention & Visitors Bureau is a GREAT resource for area information.  Visit their website to get an idea of what Farmington offers for accommodations, dining, shopping, culture, and recreation.

Points of Contact

Summer Jakino is the current owner of the property, and Dan Flack is her engineer.

Summer Jakino

Property Owner
(505) 860-3752

Dan Flack


Ryland Hutchins

Land Attorney

Timothy Christensen


Farmington CVB

Area Information

Market Summary Report

prepared on Friday, December 3, 2021

The residential market summary below was prepared by our realtor, Cory Lee.  The information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed.


Initial points to be included in covenants (collaborative process with developer)

  • Minimum build amount / sq footage TBD
  • Harmonious color / structure / materials
  • Vehicle limit / parking
  • Non-functioning vehicles / RV / recreational toys to be hidden
  • Livestock / animals / barn animals restriction
  • No offensive structures (ie – skate ramps, car ports, decortive eyesores, etc.)
  • Tile / flat roofs
  • Landscape maintenance

HOA to be developed once sub-division is complete / architectural review committee

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